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Some of our most utilized owner services include

Flexible Financing

Property buying financing solutions tailored to your budget

Rental Income

Exclusive opportunity to create a rental income to pay your mortgage

Lawyers Approved

Expert assistance on complicated legal procedures and queries

USA Bank

Mortgage approvals for Canadian home buyers in Florida

Flexible Budget

Purchase your dream home in Florida without breaking your bank


Maximum wealth benefits with short and long-term rentals in Florida

From Purchase To Rental Income

Managed investment services for Canadians and international buyers

With over 27 years of experience in the real estate market in Florida state, we provide the entire experience from purchasing a property to creating a rental income.
Our service includes but is not limited to the following:
Consultation about finding a right property to purchase
Facilitate the transactions and legal work
Provide banking and financing options within the US
Re-design and renovate With our trusted professional partners
Management and control of your investment properties
invest with confidence in florida

Own Your Dream Property In Florida

Knowing how to make money in real estate is a superpower. We guide with proper steps, you can grow your wealth, hedge against inflation and take advantage of a growing market.

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Home Buying Becomes Effortless

Find Your Dream Home in Florida

At TRIT Homes, we understand that buying a home is one of the biggest and one-time investments every individual would ever make in his life. We strive to make the home-buying process in Florida as simple, quick, and effective as possible for foreigners and more importantly Canadians.

At TRIT Homes, we have the right tools and expertise to assist and guide you with every part of the property buying process in Florida. We offer full-fledged property searching and buying, management, and financial services to Canadians helping them make their dream come true. Streamline your home-buying process in Florida with our expert assistance.

At TRIT Homes,

We simplify purchasing properties.

With over 27 years of experience in real estate specializing in investment properties, income properties, vacation properties and short and long-rental properties, we are the trustworthy one-stop shop for all your property purchase needs for Canadians and International investors. Providing full package service, we work with the most experienced experts:

  • Financial services, helping to get the best mortgages for Canadians
  • Working with an accountant knowledgeable in both Canadian and US rules
Buy, Rent, and Sell Homes in Florida

Free, Fair & Direct Listing

At TRIT homes, we believe in providing transparent, quick, and real-time property buying and selling solutions to all foreigners including Canadians. Whether you want to buy a home to reside with your family and loved ones in Florida, or you just want to buy some rental property to use for rental purposes so you can make money, we are one-stop solutions for all your needs.

Our expert real estate agents have a deep understanding of Florida real estate markets and trends. They will provide you with expert advice on how to find the best property for you that can bring optimal benefits. Streamline your finances with our help along with managing, renovating, and remodeling your properties to increase their worth and value. Get the home you ever desire for!

Service We Offer!

Are you looking to buy your home in Florida? Join the party! Buying a house in Florida becomes easier than ever before as we are here to assist potential investors throughout the process. Buying your own home is one of the biggest investments of your life. Whether you are doing it for the first time or you often buy properties, buying a property in Florida needs serious planning and decision-making since there are countless options available.

Have faith in TRIT Homes and make a lifetime profitable real estate purchase in Florida! We offer custom-tailored, transparent, and trustworthy real estate property investment services to our esteemed clients. Safe and hassle-free investment is guaranteed!

Whether you are a foreigner or Canadian, buying property in Florida without proper knowledge and expertise can make or break your bank. Also, where do you want to buy one? Do you want to be close to the Atlantic? Miami? Or Gulf? Let us guide you through the process. TRIT Homes will provide you with comprehensive information regarding each crucial element from locating the best place to making a real estate purchase. Get the value your money deserves!

Are you wondering how to buy a house in Florida as a Canadian? Or you may want to buy vacation rental property in Florida? Finding the right home in Florida becomes effortless with the right partner.

Whether in Florida or any other location, buying your dream home doesn’t happen behind a computer. It takes a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals working together throughout your property-buying voyage from initial online search to the moment you clap all excitedly and says this house is the one.

At TRIT Homes, we take pride in the fact that our expert real estate agents are always on your team and aspire to help you make profitable Florida property-buying decisions. With TRIT Homes, you will sure to have an amazing home-buying experience.

  • Hassle-free property buying process
  • Expert advice – 15+ years of industry experience
  • Trustworthy and transparent property buying solutions
  • Quick, easy, and straightforward property buying in Florida

Buying a home is a very thrilling milestone in your life. Whether you are planning to buy an Airbnb property in Florida for the first time or are interested in refinancing, our goal is to help you get optimum rates while providing exceptional 5-start service. Only 20% down payment – $36,000-$40,000 – and make your American dream come true.

We constantly work to make real estate purchasing in Florida seamless for foreigners and importantly Canadians. Our core vision is to make buying a house in Florida with a small down payment possible for all potential investors.

  • 20% initial down payment
  • Fair and transparent packages
  • Tailored packages as per your budgets and requirements

Have you considered investing in an Airbnb home but are unsure where to begin? Buying a vacation rental property or an Airbnb property is a win-win for any person looking to invest in ever-revenue-generating properties. You’ve probably seen how popular Airbnb rentals are in Florida, US.

It is no surprise that Florida is the second-highest-earning state for new host income. Hosts typically earned over $1.8 billion in income in 2021 which is up 34% from 2019. In the United States, the average Airbnb host earned more than $13,800 in 2018, an increase of 85% over 2019. Make a purchase in Airbnb rental properties in Florida and get maximum ROIs. A hassle-free and smooth Airbnb property purchase in Florida!

  • 100% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Passive source of income – Monthly rents
  • Profitable rental property buying investment
  • Expert assistance from initial planning to Airbnb property buying in Florida

We offer a full range of property management services for Canadian people’s properties in Florida including routine maintenance, repair, renovation, rent collecting and bookkeeping, leasing, tenant screening, and more.

Our partners are paid electronically to their bank accounts each month. In addition, we also provide regular accounting statements to make bookkeeping easier and more transparent. Moreover, we also have an online portal that enables you to review every aspect of your rentals without any barriers. Let us streamline the management and other aspects for you whilst you live in peace in your home country!

Whether you are looking for the most affordable beach towns in Florida to buy a house or want an Airbnb property for rental purposes, at TRIT Homes, we are the go-to Airbnb property management service for your Florida house.

We offer full-service property management for single-family homes, townhouses, flats, apartments, condominiums, and vacation rental properties for rent or lease in Florida and the surrounding areas. With expert and quality real estate property management services, we strive to make property ownership more rewarding and less stressful for homeowners.

  • Smooth process of buying Airbnb property in Florida
  • Custom market analysis for your investment property in Florida
  • Provide professional knowledge in determining a market rental rate for your Airbnb property
  • Proper management of the items/amenities that needed to be taken care of
  • Round-the-clock service and full explanation of the entire management process so you can feel comfortable leaving your lifetime property in our hands

From a simple property and investment marketplace to providing real-time real estate solutions to Canadians looking to buy Florida properties, TRIT Homes has been delivering diversified real estate solutions to its clients residing in Canada. Committed to customer satisfaction and excellence, the leading company has a strong foothold in the real estate sector and in-depth knowledge of the Florida real estate market.

You simply buy a vacation rental property in Florida and let us tackle the rest including management of the property, renovation, construction, and rental activities. Experts at TRIT Homes will take care of the maintenance of your investment properties in Florida so you don’t have to worry.

As a full-fledged all-in-one real estate company in Florida, we also take care of a construction, renovation, marketing, and legal aspects. Customer satisfaction is what we keep at the center of what we do, hence, we make sure to make your real estate investment in Florida to be a success but not a failure.

  • Transparent and accurate property evaluation
  • Quality and affordable property management service in Florida for Canadians
  • Your property will be maintained as well as marketed on top websites and online platforms
  • Ensure strict rental criteria including housing history, credit check, employment verification, criminal record investigation, and more

As an all-in-one real estate and property management company, we have all the expertise to assist you from finding the best home to financing. We are all and well capable of assisting you throughout the process to help you make informed and result-driven property investment decisions. We will explain to you current market prices, rental costs, down payment estimates, and more to help you feel comfortable when buying a rental property in Florida.

Financing is the most crucial aspect when it comes to buying any property anywhere especially when it comes to buying homes and Airbnb rentals in Florida. Many homeowners neglect this important aspect and end up making wrong decisions. In order to make a successful property purchase, you will have to get a loan approved from a lender for which you will have to show your credit reports as well.

Lenders will evaluate your credit report as a key factor in determining whether or not to provide you with a loan. Before you go to lenders to get a mortgage loan for purchasing a property, you must be aware of your credit score and any potential unfavorable notes on your credit record.

At TRIT Homes, we will help you in managing your finances and streamline an appropriate credit report. We will also thoughtfully explain loan programs as well as competitive property rates. Have faith in us to meet your home ownership goals and avail an opportunity to grow your financial legacy.

  • Assist in finding the best lender
  • Down payment assistance
  • Home inspection and appraisal
  • Close on a profitable deal

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